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Data wiper software permanently eradicates your personal records, private content and confidential information from hard drive. Software enables you to easily, quickly and safely wipe your all erased file folder from storage media like USB drive, pen drive, memory stick etc. utility work in both destructive and non-destructive mode. Non destructive data wiping securely removes all deleted directories, offline/ online internet activities including cookies, typed URL, history, cache internet files, eliminates password etc. software gives you to full confidence about your deleted records, sensitive information that is unrecoverable. Data wiper solution eliminates activity traces of various application files such as MS management console, MS PowerPoint, MS Access etc. Software permanently wipes deleted unused clusters which are not linked with FAT or NTFS supported file system. Destructive wiping is fully capable to wipe entire logical hard drive partition or selected disk area sector range regardless of data saved in that sector range. Features:* Provide user friendly interface for completed removable from disk.* Wipes entire disk drive (Destructive wiping) and provide clean drive for reinstallation.* Utility support data wiping on windows 98 ME XP 2000 NT and Vista operating system.* Support permanently deletion of deleted secret files, confidential records, private contents, and sensitive information.* Utility cleans your computer from many activity traces and links of application files.* Tool works in destructive and non destructive mode.* Removes multiple files, folders and directories.* Securely wipes system files including clipboard content, administrator and temporary files, system registry trace, mapped network folders and windows event logs.* Support wipes temporary files like log file, memory dump file, and old data files.

Systems: Windows

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